Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sneak Attack on Progressiveness

Conventional (ie. corporate) thinking has us believe that the dot-com bust was just that, a failure; a bubble that would've popped no matter what. But could those golden years of prosperity have been sabotaged? Is it possible that the economy is just another battleground for those with bloodlust? Did an Old-Money Eastern financial clique destory a primarily California-based new technosocial paradigm? Sound far-fetched? Well, it probably is. But let's bare with theory a little longer and see where it leads.

Now it should go without saying that I am no expert. I have no economics degree or professional standing whatsoever in the financial world; but it sure doesn't take a rocket scientist to see who benefited from the Dot Com Crash...the transnational corporation. Sure, AOL and Amazon are large nasty corporations in their own ways, but they've got nothing on the Establishment credentials and nefarious security-state connection of GE or ProctorGamble. These companies gobble up Eastern European countries for breakfast. The internet economy posed a real threat to their status-quo.

I posit that the Dot Com Crash resulted from economic warfare waged by mercenaries of the Old-Money clique against the emerging entrepeneurs in California and elsewhere. The "New Economy" of the internet and fiber-optics posed a clear and present danger by those with the wherewithal to launch a devestating strike against any opposition. My only shock is that it took them so long.


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