Monday, June 04, 2007

The Arkansan Candidate

Has bullshit really become the puddy for magnificent political sculptures? The work may be beautiful to the eye, but it still stinks. Hillary Clinton told us the other night that "faith" got her through marital problems. Give me a friggin' break. The deep politics of Hillary and her husband's past have kept me up almost as many nights as the Bush Family legacy. The impending ascendancy of this fragmented icon is disturbing to say the least. You know what they say: a quarter century of Bush-Clinton is a quarter century wasted.

Many have already discerned an outcome. Obama, Edwards, Richardson. They say the guys are only posturing for positions of influence under Wonderland's Queen. I am not a generally hopeful person by nature, especially when it comes to politics; but Hillary ain't locked up by any stretch of the imagination. There are many, many, many skeletons in that closet.

Sure, she'll chalk it up to the vast "right-wing conspiracy" (which DOES exist by the way), but wise men and women should take a look at plots that exist beyond expedient affiliations.


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