Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Mystery of the Artist Suicides

Here is a strange story which bears further distribution: Teresa Duncan, a NY-based artist and her boyfriend, Jeremy Blake, also a noted artist, were both recently killed in what appeared to the news media to be two separate but connected suicides. Further information, however, has been brought to light about the artists' lives before their suspicious deaths. Duncan and Blake had been troubled by what they believed to be harassment by Scientologists in the Los Angeles area.

Teresa Duncan also maintained a fairly extensive blog. In one of the more chilling posts on her blog, Teresa gave a warning to Anna Gaskell, a former girlfriend of Jeremy Blake's, about her association with her legal guardian Jim Cownie, a successful businessman in the Des Moines, Iowa area and a prominent Republican donor. Duncan accused Cownie of funding various CIA activities in Central America in the 1980s through an ultraconservative organization known as the Heritage Foundation. Teresa Duncan also claimed that Cownie is currently the beneficiary of Homeland Security pork coming out of Washington, thanks to covert connections. Duncan saw her and Blake's harrassment by Scientologists (an asset of the intelligence community) as a covert attempt to control the two errant artists who were exposing malfeasance. Now they're dead.

Were the suicides of the New York artists simply that? Or are there levels of this story so far unexposed by the mainstream media. More speculation about this strange true-life tale can be found at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I believe very much so.. Not only were they killed because they thought it 'had to be', but I am positive their deaths were capitalized. I know this because 'I' was nearly the 'star' of a snuff film not more than two months ago. Scientology, Secret Service.. And family, all present. Who gave me the tip-off? LAPD.. More than once! "I don't know 'what' these people have against you.. Just get whatever you need and run!"

Terms to look out for: PAC program, Santa Monica, Honors Broadcast Journalism courses, Humaniplex, Lavey

4:33 AM  
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